Ears ...


These are areas of excessive bone growth in the deep part of the ear canal. They are caused by prolonged and frequent exposure to cold water. Many surfers suffer from exostoses and many of them believe that wind chill is a factor as well. This may be important.The operation to drill out exostoses needs to be done in hospital under anaesthetic. It can take up to 3 hours but is usually less. I prefer to approach the ear canal through a post auricular incision. This provides for better access and exposure, than through the ear canal, and the results longer term are much better. Surfing is not allowed for 6 weeks after this operation.


A hole in the ear drum (Perforation) can be caused by infection or trauma. It is usual to observe the perforation over a period of time before deciding on ear surgery. An ear drum graft operation is best done through a post auricular incision and the graft is taken from the fascial lining of the muscle behind the ear. Swimming is not allowed for 6-8 weeks.


This is a special microscopic ear operation to overcome fixation of the Stapes bone by Otosclerosis. I use a tiny prosthesis made from platinum wire and teflon. it is done through the ear canal with a small relieving incision on the outer ear.


This is a major ear operation done to control cholesteatoma or chronic suppurative otitis media. It is not so common these days. Lifelong ongoing care with visits every year or 2 is normally required  

Cochlea Implant

I can assess the need or otherwise for this surgery . I then arrange for patients to be operated on at one of the larger teaching hopitals such as Royal North Shore or St Vincents. The follow up audiology is highly specialised.