Paediatric ENT Surgery

Middle Ear Ventilation Tubes are known as "grommets"... Grommet tubes are used to treat the ears when...

Acute otitis media is frequent and severe causing pain and lack of sleep (for patient and family)

Hearing loss is noticed

Speach development is delayed.

Acute otitis media ... Infection of the middle ear causing pain, fever and inflammation of the eardrum. Sometimes the eardrum ruptures causing a discharge and the pain will then be relieved.Fluid in the middle ear that persists after infection may take weeks or months to resolve.Acute otitis media is recurrent if it occurs more than 3 times in 6 months.

Chronic Otitis Media with effusion (Glue Ear)

When middle ear fluid persists for longer than 3 months it is called glue ear.Contributing factors can be .

  • Poor eustachian tube function
  • Children under 3 and frequently in child day care settings
  • A preceding ear infection
  • Colder seasons
  • Structural problems such as cleft palate

Grommets can improve hearing in most patients with glue ear. The improvement is usually rapid and dramatic.

Behavioural problems caused by hearing loss can be improved by grommets.

There is an improvement in speach development if middle ear fluid has cause a speach delay.

Grommets help reduce the frequency of middle ear infections.